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Collaborative Design and Practice in Mental Health Clinics

May 18, 2023

Harmonia's own Dr. Cherie Ruben, Clinical Psychologist, Senior Clinician and CEO Valerie Nowak, LMHC, MPA delivered a Grand Rounds presentation on topics related to the American Board of Medical Psychology core themes of integrated care and psychopharmacology. Often called "Collaborative Psychopharmacology" it can be defined as the practice of psychologists who have received advanced training in psychopharmacology, and work cooperatively with prescribers regarding medication treatment options, but do not prescribe the medication themselves.

Dr. Ruben highlighted the ways Harmonia -- and the collaborative care approach -- has been able to extend care to underprivileged and underserved populations including with home visits and advocacy. Harmonia has made inroads in serving youth in schools, with seniors in rural settings and native populations.