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Harmonia's Coffee Talk: Taylor Butterfield

Oct 13, 2023
Taylor Butterfield, CarePanion Manager

Coffee Talk with Sarah Cozzemera

Our sixth Coffee Talk session is with Harmonia's own CarePanion Manager, Taylor Butterfield.

WHAT: Taylor and I say down at a bright, warm, inviting window table in Comfort Zone Cafe in Hamburg to discuss how CarePanions assist local senior residents with independent living + companionship. Taylor is a longtime resident of the Southtowns who is dedicated to serving the community. We are so lucky to have her kindness, thoughtfulness, and organizational leadership skills on the team at Harmonia.

Q: How long have you worked at Harmonia?

A: I have worked with Harmonia since June 2022, and started as a CarePanion. After a few months, an opportunity came up and I was promoted to the CarePanion Management position. I came to the company with previous management experience, then started working directly with clients, it's very useful to bring that understanding and direct engagement to team leadership. I still see a few clients on a weekly basis.

Q: Can you explain more about your department / program? Are you hiring?

A: Yes, the CarePanion Program is looking for team members to support clients in the southtowns area. We’re looking for a minimum of 20 hours, but staff can add more weekly hours. I want to emphasize that the schedule is VERY FLEXIBLE, with the added benefit of no nights or weekends. We really want the schedule to work for you. And, we're up front about the compensation for this position; it is $16/hour.

This is a great opportunity to work in the community + support vulnerable populations. If you're recently retired yourself, looking to shift careers and want to try out Human Services + working with seniors; if you're looking to get back into the workforce or supplement your income -- this is a fantastic position for you. The main goal is to help seniors remain independent in their own homes. It's such rewarding work.

Some of the job duties that CarePanions may be asked to do include -- assisting with light housekeeping such as dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, meal prep, laundry, running errands, picking up groceries + prescription refills. CarePanions are also encouraged to engage their clients in social activities such as walks or outdoor time, crafting, puzzles, reading, and games. You won't be asked to do yard work or shovel snow! If you're interested in applying or have any questions, reach out to me (Taylor Butterfield) via email: or call our Main Office + they'll connect you to my extension.

** Here's a LINK to learn more + apply for a CAREPANION team member position **

Q: What about potential clients -- how do they link with in home CarePanion services?

A: If you're interested in signing up yourself or a loved one for the CarePanion Program, please call our Main Office and ask for Jennifer Gunia, Director of Senior Services. She will assist you and answer questions about the range of services. Then, I will follow up and reach out about scheduling home visits with your CarePanion team member.

There are several different ways these services can be covered. Some residents are able to qualify for a subsidy from the county, and others are private pay. Either way, we will work to make sure that you have the right fit for CarePanion services.

Q: Is Harmonia unique in the way that it offers services to the community; if so, how?

A: I believe Harmonia is unique because we offer services for so many different populations. Our clients start at age 13 and we support people through all phases of life – from mental health needs to medical supports. Because our programs can provide coverage across a range of needs, clients don't necessarily have to go to 2-3 different providers to get the resources they need to be healthy + independent.


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THANK YOU for joining us + check back in for our next conversation. As always: may your coffee be strong and your knowledge of community support systems even stronger.

Special THANK YOU to Comfort Zone Cafe in Hamburg -- such an inviting and very cozy spot to work, to chat, to be nourished by the rhythms of village life.

Special THANK YOU to Taylor Butterfield for her kindness, her inspiring organizational skills (you should see her office binders!), and for continuing to lead by example serving our community's seniors!